The Dead Weather: Horehound

Doesn’t Jack White just make you sick with his endless talent, energy and originality. For his latest project, Jack has decided to leave the primary guitar duties to Dean Feritita (Queens of the Stone Age) and take his place behind the drum kit. Meanwhile “little” Jack Lawrence (The Greenhornes, The Raconteurs) straps on the bass and Alsion Mosshart (The Kills) assumes the position behind the microphone.

While White’s various groups all have a stiff back bone of raw blues/rock, there is a distinct flavour to each of his 3 main projects (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs & The Dead Weather). The Dead Weather seem even more deep rooted in the classic blues genre with perhaps a few punk undertones. The album has a crisp sharp feel and subtle and minimal production flowering that I suspect will make it hard to date.

“60 Feet tall” has simple blues refrains, crashing drums and blistering guitar solo’s all punctuated by atmospheric gaps. “I Cut like a Buffalo” has a keyboard chord keeping slow time behind a more freeform blues jam session and “Treat me Like Your Mother” has a corking zeppelinesque riff.

My high expectations have been met and even exceeded.