Tori Amos: Abnormally Attracted to Sin

I’ve had this album on my iPod / iPhone / iWhateverAppletellmetobuynext, for a couple months now so that I can listen to it and finally get around to writing this bloody review.

Every time I put it on and listen to the album's opening with its beautiful production and intriguing style I think to myself, this is bloody brilliant, why don’t I listen to this album more often.

Then all of a sudden I’m on track 6 or 7 and I realise that my attention has been lost and my brain has drifted off somewhere else thinking about some tedious acceptance test scripts or something else equally mundane.

I refocus, on the music, and yes it still sounds great, oh listen, there’s a really nice subtle guitar solo and that bit sound like Kate Bush, then, hang on I’m thinking about rewriting a Monty Python sketch in order to poke fun at some alternative medical treatment and stopped listening again. Bugger

I have no idea why this record can’t hold my attention. Perhaps if you can concentrate better than me you’ll be able to appreciate it. I'm sure its really good if I didn't have the attention span of Homer Simpson at the Opera.