Cosmic Rough Riders: Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine

I was rummaging through the latest releases in my local record shop a few weeks ago when I picked up a copy of this album out of curiosity. My initial impression was that it was a re-release of an old album from a little known peace loving West Coast band from '67. The album artwork and title suggested references to the summer of love and that late 60's psychedelic sound. The album was actually released at the end of last year but is only now building up momentum. A single release of the excellent "Revolution (In the Summer Time?)" on 23rd July is expected to help increase album sales further. I may have been some way off with the year but my West Coast guess was sort of right as they actually come from Glasgow. The opening two tracks; "Brothers Gather Round" and "The Gun Isn't Loaded" sound like Harrison inspired Beatles tracks. The sixth track, "Revolution (In the Summer Time?)" is a masterpiece, a perfect 60's time machine with lyrics like "We can pray for the sun, Let it shine on everyone, Sunshine brings love". This theme and style continues throughout the album and "Melanie", which was one of the bands early singles, is yet another cheery summery song with layered up-beat harmonies like the Beach Boys or the Mama's and the Papa's. All in all it's a perfect summer album. If you are going to Glasgow, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.