Mick has taken some valuable time off from running his local convenience store on the corner of Stella Street to commit a few sonic thoughts to tape, and its been a worthwhile activity. The new album contains 12 new Jagger penned pieces and features some special guest appearances. "God Gave me Everything" features significant offerings from Lenny Kravitz. Lenny plays guitar, bass, drums and even tambourine on this high speed three and a half minutes of classic rock. "Gun" featuring a dazzling guitar contribution courtesy of Pete Townsend seems like quite a departure from the usual Stones stuff with its boppy backbeat and synthesisers, but it really comes into its own when Mr Townsend attempts to drown everyone else out. Mick has made good use of his over active loins by getting two of his daughters to provide the backing vocals to "Brand New Set of Wheels", the slower tempo and idiosyncratic voice on this track make it sound more like the typical Stones Ballard. Although I'm a bit of a fan of Keith, Ronnie and Charlie I actually preferred this album to the last Stones studio release.