Neil Young: Fork In The Road

A collection of short top gear rock ‘n roll motoring ditties inspired by a 1959 Lincoln Continental, recently converted to an electric hybrid (Lincvolt). The epic musical creations of Young’s previous album (Chrome Dreams II) are not really present on this latest project. I get the impression that the majority of the passion for this project has gone into the concept and the actual car itself rather than the album. I therefore look forward to the documentary film that shows the electric conversion of the car, and the subsequent road trip to Washington as a political statement on the American oil dependence.

I’m not sure if it’s laziness, familiarity or just a well tested formula, but I suspect any competent musician could jam along without prehearing these songs and successfully anticipate all the chord changes and drum fills.

But that’s not to say there aren’t any good songs on this album “Just Singing A Song”, Cough Up The Bucks” and “Hit The Road” are solid songs, as firmly rooted in the golden age of rock as his ’59 Lincoln is rooted in the golden age of the American Automotive industry. However, unlike the automotive industry, Young will not need Obama to bail him out.

“Just Singing a Song” has a hammering rhythm, wailing guitars and a snatched Beatles motoring lyric as well as the line “just singing a song won't change the world". Please take note Paul Hewson.

“Fork in the Road” may not be the masterpiece of its predecessor but it is a short, instantly accessible and very agreeable set of old school rock from a crazy old coot with a big ass car.