Yeah Yeah Yeahs: It’s Blitz!

There is one stand-out corking bouncy instant hit on this album in “Heads Will Roll”. It’s a likeable mixture of old school rock augmented with more clubbing beats than a beach full of seal pups. As Karen O sings out “Off, Off, with head, dance, dance till your dead” to a euphoric rhythm it’s hard not to get swept along with her. Sadly for me the rest of the album has looped around several times on my iPod and all the other tracks have failed to grab my attention.

With the exception “Heads Will Roll” I’m surprised that I’m not a little more enamoured by an album produced by Nick Launay whose previous clients include Talking Heads, PiL, Nick Cave and Arcade Fire. Maybe there’s just too much emphasis on courting the dance-floor instead of the mosh-pit for my tastes.