Jarvis Cocker: Further Complications

This is easily Cocker’s best work since Pulp released Different Class way back in 1995. Cocker’s distinctive voice ensures there’s plenty of Pulp parallels in this album, but there’s a stronger, quirkier and perhaps rockier thing going on here too that evoke early Roxy Music albums, especially tracks like “Homewrecker!”

“Leftover” contains my favourite opening lyric of the year so far: “I met her at the museum of palaeontology. And I make no bones about it”. The song has a very Pulp-like chorus consisting of a pause followed by three sharp drumbeats that you just have to drum along to. If you see someone on the tube hitting an invisible drum in the air three times in quick succession, chances are there listening to this song on their iPod. This track also includes the following line that also tickled me: “He says he loves you like a sister, well I guess, I guess that’s relative”.

The title track and album opener is a fast paced romp with an uncomplicated recurring guitar riff. The guitar riff and slow wind down at the end of the track reminded me a little of the first Devo album. Anybody else out there buy that?

“Angela” is very much an old school sub 3-minute rock number with Jagger styled handclaps and lashings of treble.

I’m no going to go through all the tracks here but “Pilchard”, Fuckingsong” are also superb. This is a buyer not just a free downloader from The Pirate Bay.