The Low Anthem: Oh My God, Charlie Darwin

What a brilliant album title, how could I not get myself a copy? The Low Anthem are an American alternative rock/folk combo with founding members Ben Knox Miller and Jeff Prystowsky now augmented with classical composer Jocie Adams, (A NASA technician no less).

So is there much beyond a quirky album name. Oh yes indeed. OMGCD is released on the Bella Union label (the home of Fleet Foxes), and there are many comparisons that can be drawn between the two bands.

There’s plenty of variety within the album from the sepia toned gentle folk of “To Ohio”, the stomping blues of “Home I’ll Never Be” the country romp of the title track, the harmonic, almost, Simon & Garfunkel vocals of “Cage the Songbird” and the atmospheric brilliance of “To The Ghosts Who Write History Books”.

OMGCD has tinges of Dylan and Cohen and is modern Americana at its finest.


Real Gone said...

This is, indeed, a fabulous album. I discovered The Low Anthem almost by accident. Look out for a review of 'Oh My God, Charlie Darwin' at my blog - - very soon.