Gomez : Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline

Gomez’s third studio album in two years! Infact they have produced 3 albums (including a mercury prize winning debut), while Radiohead have been struggling to come up with something worthy enough to follow "OK Computer". So how did Gomez come up with something so quickly? Easy, they recorded a few new songs and filled the rest of the album up with some remixes of old songs and a few B-sides. This is however still a great album and these songs deserve to be made more accessible, rather tucked away somewhere harder to find. There is also some great variety in this record, the newer stuff has a more modern almost "dancey" feel to it, and is mixed with various other musical styles throughout the album including country, world music and the currently popular Latin style. As with other Gomez albums it gets better with more listening and like Captain Beefhearts "Trout Mask Replica" it may take a while to fully appreciate it.