Iron Maiden: Brave New World

With the return of Bruce Dickinson to the fold, Brave New World has been hyped as massive return to form for Maiden. So having given up on them several years ago, and not buying any of their albums released in the 90’s, I decided to give them a second chance. It does indeed attempt to re-create some of the classic Maiden sounds and riffs, but unfortunately does not compare with their earlier work on "Number of the Beast" or "Piece of Mind". In general the songs appear less catchy and the solo’s less intricate than the early days. There was talk of including some acoustic numbers (or even an entire acoustic album), but the band decided that what the majority of the fans would want is just the heavy stuff. Anyway the "Unplugged" concept seems to be less fashionable these days and many rock bands like Metallica and the Scorpions seem to prefer working with symphony orchestra’s instead. An idea first tried by Deep Purple to much greater effect in the early 70’s. Anyway, not really recommended unless you’re a die hard fan, not quite a Turkey, but a medium sized game bird at best. At least they didn’t include the cheesy rock ballad.