David Sylvian: Manafon

This album is so minimal it’s like Chinese water torture waiting for the next note to finally arrive. My pigeon remains unfluffed. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Have you actually listened to Manafon? Are you capable of any comprehension of the work? Have you ever heard of R S Thomas?

The emptiness is a part of the brilliance of Manafon. What is not there informs what is there and what is there infoms what is not there. The one thread that holds each piece together is David Sylvian's voice and that is the point of the work. And the lyrics are not enforced but become poems within themselves, each following the other until the final moment of utter despair. Yet unlike Sylvia Plath who had no escape, David Sylvian manages paint a blackness in which is contained a pin point hole of white light.

Listen again, my friend.

wytchcroft said...

Huh?! i love Manafon, don't find it all difficult to listen to just beautifully literate and cinematic in its use of word and sound.