Eels: Hombre Lobo: 12 Songs of Desire

Eels’ 7th studio album is a concept album. However, it’s one of those rather “loose” concept albums. Despite numerous listens (I was going to say countless, but thanks to iTunes I know exactly how many times I’ve listened to it), I was simply enjoying it as a collection of random songs without seeing the connection. Perhaps if my Spanish was a little better and I’d taken the time to read the album sub title, I might have realised that “Hombre Lobo” is the Spanish for werewolf, and the whole album is a follow up to Souljaker’s “Dog Faced Boy”, exploring the various types of desire through the album’s hairy protagonist.

Standout tack is “Fresh Blood” which starts off with thumping drums and a slow bass keyboard before the song title is followed by a piercing scream that leads us into a rollicking chorus with howling and declarations for the need of fresh blood. Hang on a minute, how did miss the theme of this album again. Cock.