Basement Jaxx: Rooty

This London two piece certainly seem to have a high profile in the dance music scene after the success of their first album, "Remedy". Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe are eager to build on the success of their first record by making an album that appeals to both the mainstream dance clubs and the more diverse underground. The album is packed full with as many sound effects as they could cram in. It seems that because they have the technology available to produce whizzing, buzzing and beeping effects they had to stuff them all in somewhere. Although it is a very jolly album, the majority of the tracks are fairly uninspiring and don’t appear to have much depth. The opening track, "Romeo" featuring Kele Le Roc, is a good example of this lacklustre but happy format. However there are a couple of better tracks to be found. "Get Me Off" has a good solid dance beat and sexually provocative lyrics that are sure to go down well in the clubs. The highlight of the album for me was "Do Your Thing" which successfully mixes dance and jazz with its trumpets and synthesisers working in perfect harmony with each other. Unfortunately these good tracks are too few and far between and I’m unconvinced that this represents the best of what’s available in the dance genre.