Zero 7: SImple Things

Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker from North London both opted to study sound engineering and served their apprenticeships at RAK studios. A college friend of theirs was producing Radiohead’s "OK Computer" and gave them the opportunity to remix "Climbing up the Walls", which proved popular on Radio 1. Since then there’s not been much on offer other than a very hard to find EP and a few more remixes. "Simple Things" is their debut album and has allowed them to be recognised as much more than an English version of Air. The album should receive wide appeal with its subtle mix of soul, jazz, and funk, chill out instrumentals and heavily orchestrated themes. It’s hard to pick the standout tracks from a whole album of gems but perhaps the instrumental "Red Dust" with its indolent acoustic introduction leading us into an assortment of melodic synthesisers and strings deserves some special mention. An album wholly worthy of it nomination, and perhaps more.