Super Furry Animals: Rings Around the World

"Rings Around the World" is the fifth studio release from this Welsh band, and contains a mixture of material. Although most tracks are quite extensively orchestrated, they vary from acoustic tunes to much heavier stuff, they also seems to have taken influences from different periods, some parts sound very modern and others have shades of the 60’s. Despite this variation the overall feel of the album is very "Pop". The title track is prime example of this bizarre concoction. Its starts with a rolling guitar and bass backdrop with heavy reverb making it sound a bit like Hawkwind, then the jolly Beach Boys style vocal kicks in. "(A) Touch Sensitive" is a more modern sounding piece with oscillating bass and violins giving it more of a Moby feel it. The first half of "No Symphony" sounds like a fairly normal acoustic track before going off at a complete tangent. I’m all for a bit of musical meandering, but this one seems to loose the plot a little. The album is being released on CD and DVD formats at the same time and is certainly worth investigating.