The Klaxons: Myths and Legends of the Near Future

The London Based 2007 Mercury Prize Winners seem to be topping a lot of the “Newcomer for 2007” polls and although I’m not totally blown away by them I can’t think of a better alternative for a top 2007 newcomer. I’ve noticed over the last few years that I’m having to label all of my albums with an appropriate genre so iTunes or Media Player are able to neatly pigeon hole everything. In searching for an appropriate label for the Klaxons a number of suggestions have been given including “Psychedelic”, “Progressive”, “Pop”, “Acid Rave” and “Sci-fi Punk Funk”. However the term suggested by their record label is “Nu Rave”. I not really sure what that means but as I’m not overly concerned on the importance of it I will not dwell on it. (Despite taking up almost my entire review on the subject )Anyway, “Golden Skans” has been a fairly hard to avoid tune this year even for a commercial radio dodger like me and is consistent with the rest of the albums fast paced guitars and synthesisers. “Myths of the Near Future” is also a vast improvement on the Hours’ debut album from earlier in 2007 toting the same dubious genre