Kula Shaker: Strange Folk

It could be argued that I have a bias for any group whose lead singer is called Crispian. However, this was one of my most anticipated albums of the year being a massive fan of 1996’s “K” and 1998’s “Pigs, Peasants and Astronauts”. In the intervening years Crispian put out a couple of albums with the Jeevas before reconvening with rest of Kula Shaker (minus Jay Darlington) last year on a few warm up gigs and a brief EP. This years full resurrection of the band and their first new album in 9 years sees them not too far from where they left off. The Eastern influences are not as prominent but are still there and the Hammond Organ still take a key role in most of the tracks. The opening lines to “Die For Love”, “Don’t Wanna be wrapped up in a flag, or spill my blood upon the sand, don’t wanna die for some pack of lies” is a good summary of the band’s feelings and politics that are sprinkled throughout the album. One of my favourites is “Persephone”, (the bonus track on the limited edition CD), an acoustic vision of Mother Nature’s only daughter lying dead underground waiting to be reborn..