Robert Plant and Alison Krauss: Raising Sand

Despite loving this album, my greatest fear is that Alison Krauss is likely to be lynched by an angry mob of hairy arsed Zeppelin fans following the announcement of the duo touring the new album in early 2008, and thus putting a kybosh on any immediate Zeppelin tours in 2008. Although I was disappointed not to be afforded the opportunity to see the mighty Zeppelin at the O2 in December and regularly check the websites for a glimmer of hope on a possible tour, I’m still very much looking forward to seeing Percy and the American Country singer at Wembley in May. Plant rightly believes this is some of his best post Zeppelin work and understandably wants to set aside the time to promote and tour the album. Raising Sand is an elegant album that leans heavily on the major influences of its two performers, namely Blues and Country. The selection of covers, predominately I believe, chosen by album producer T. Bone Walker provide an innate late 60’s ambience to the piece. Highlights include the opening track, “Rich Woman”, with its distant sliding guitars providing the stage for Plant and Krauss’s complimenting vocals.