David Gilmour: Live in Gdansk

You may want to argue, that with plenty of decent live Pink Floyd albums available this new release from Mr Gilmour is not required. Wrong. “Live in Gdansk” eclipses the previous Floyd live releases for a number of reasons. Firstly the production quality of this album would have Gerald the (Not the 9’O’Clock News) gorilla waxing lyrical for hours, the performance it self is sublime and the set list is inspired. Included here for the first time in an official live release is “Fat Old Sun”, Gilmour’s first serious contribution to Pink Floyd from 1970’s “Atom Heart Mother”. Even more important is the inclusion of the mighty epic “Echoes” the early Floyd colossus. Each track is also subtly adapted to add new interest from Richard Wrights dicking around during Echoes, the extended guitar solo at the end of “Fat Old Sun” and the Spanish guitar at the conclusion of the post Waters high tide mark, “High Hopes”.