Oasis: Dig Out Your Soul

It’s been 13 years since the hay day of Brit Pop and the daily tabloid battles between Oasis and Blur. Despite that Oasis continue to soldier on with the same beatle-esque manc swagger that raised them to top of the pile in the first place. I didn’t have especially high hopes for this album as the quality of some of their output following their dazzling first 3 albums has been variable. The Gallagher brothers have continuously shuffled their auxiliary band members in a hope of recreating the early days when brilliant songs flowed effortlessly from nowhere. “Waiting for the Rapture’s” opening riff sound like a direct lift from the Doors’ “Five to One” but the rest of “Dig Out Your Soul” will be immediately familiar to all Oasis fans. All of the ingredients of a great Oasis album have been poured into the mixing pot, perhaps the only missing magic ingredient is the fact that it’s no longer the mid ‘90’s.