Kaiser Chiefs: Off With Their Heads

Not quite the electrical maelstrom of their debut but a few sparks nonetheless. The Album production is courtesy of Mark Ronson.and highlights include: “Never Miss a Beat” which uses the Boomtown Rats technique of the band supplying witty retorts to the lead singers questions, “Good Days Bad Rain” which is a boppy, if perhaps a little juvenile but likeable romp that leads us nicely into the album highlight “Tomato In The Rain” with the vocal style and simple melodies reminiscent of their debut album.
The overall verdict has to be a little disappointing as the Kaiser’s have a plotted a steady downward course since “Employment”. I think there’s enough creativity and potential for a lot better.


mp3monster said...

A fair review & also a reflection of their live performance - when they're good, they're really good, but the rest - oh well.

I think part of the problem is they're pushed to try release an album every year and that means the weaker songs have to be included to get an album of material.