Alestorm: Leviathan

Shivers me timbers, adjust your eye patch, polish your wooden leg, give your parrot a piece of eight and prepare yourself for Pirate Rock. Avast, Alestorm are a pirate metal band of four scurvy Glaswegian land-lubbers. “Leviathan” is an EP of 4 sea shanties, featuring classic styled British heavy metal, with a bit of prog rock and pirate singing thrown in for good measure. Imagine Iron Maiden performing a version of “What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor” and you wont be too far off the mark. I’m not sure whether they can make a whole career by continuing this amusing pirate gimmick as they could relegate themselves to a specialist audience of unsophisticated teenage boys. Well, high brow, its not, but it is quite fun and I actually rather like it.