White Lies: To Loose My Life

As I’m reviewing this album on the 20th January 2009, the claim that this is my favourite album so far of 2009 may seem dubiously puerile. I’ll guess I’ll just have to wait and see how long it can hold on to that claim. For this particular review I have decided to adopt the Oz Clarke wine tasting technique and apply the same principles to album reviews. So after swirling the title track around my aural receptors I’m getting, a crisp Sisters of Mercy drum beat with Billy Idol guitars and early Duran Duran keyboards with a slight hint of something a little fresher, modern and fruitier. “A Place to Hide” has a quick Joy Division explosion of flavour followed by a bright and breezy kick of guitars and vocals with a distinctive 80’s aftertaste. I could go on in a similar manner for each track, but it’s not big and it’s not clever and I’m sure you’re not impressed, but simply describing this album as Indie Rock would be a bit like saying that wine tastes of grapes.
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