Saxon: Into The Labyrinth

Despite working their way through more line-ups than a clumsy and incompetent kleptomaniac, Saxon remain unhampered by the tedious process of evolution They choose instead to stick to their beloved sound distinctive of the NWOBHM. (That’s the early 80’s genre known as the New Wave of British Heavy Metal for the uninitiated). Vocalist Biff Byford provides the only consistency in the bands 30+ year history. I muss confess after their success in the early 80’s my attention drifted and I didn’t realise that they were still toiling away. It’s therefore hard to knock “Into the Labyrinth” because the quality hasn’t dipped and they’re still delivering on their original mission statement. But I’m not sure if it’s for me anymore. I’m sorry lads its not you, its me, we’re just not the same people as we used to be, we’ve grown apart. You’ll just have to move on, find yourselves a younger audience but I’ll never forget you, I’ll always remember the good times, nobody can take those memories away from me. Au revoir mon cher. Take care.


Real Gone said...

Paul Quinn is the other constant in Saxon's 30 year + career. If this album wasn't for you but you still find yourself hankering after the classic days of 'Wheels of Steel' and 'Strong Arm of The Law', then the recently released 3 hour documentary on the history of Saxon could be well worth your time.

There's a review of that up on my blog -