Andrew Bird: Noble Beast

Musical alchemists have forever being mixing various forms of music in search of sonic gold. Rock and Pop has been mixed up with various quantities of classical, rap, blues, country and world music in search of the perfect blend. Andrew Bird seems to have created a fresh and original mix by taking acoustic pop and stirred in a healthy splattering of Chamber Music. If you opt for the 2 disc special edition (and I strongly advise you do), you will notice that the two discs are weighted in favour of one of these styles, with the main disc being predominately well crafted almost radiohead-esque acoustic pop and the second disc, my favourite, consisting of a modern type of Chamber music. A typical example would be the Carrion Suite at just under 10 minutes and consisting of beautiful violins and cellos before meandering off into an avant-garde soundtrack. This album was my introduction to Andrew Bird, but I will be seeking out his back catalogue.