The Prodigy: Invaders Must Die

Since the heady days of punk, few bands have grasped the mantle set by the Sex Pistols and managed to make themselves vilified by the tabloid press and championed by originality seeking anarchic youth. 1997’s “The Fat of the Land” hardcore electro punk sound and provocative titles secured suitable notoriety and fame. Now 12 years on they have released their 5th studio album and continue to vibrate our intestines with extreme drum and bass, but it all now seems much more accessible and instantly likeable.

The album starts off with the title track’s deep pounding bass loop before it all kicks off big time. The throbbing vibes will rip the arsehole out of your standard issue apple earphones and I had to abandon this album on my normal sleepy morning listening session on the train, as it was just far too jarring. In fact I think you can probably only legitimately listen to this album at 6am when you haven’t actually been to bed yet.

I’m also not convinced that listening in the car was a particularly good idea either as my driving speed seemed to increase erratically with the beats per minute. Perhaps video game developers could take advantage of this trait and use some tracks on their next racing game.

However, once the wife buggered off to Guides for the evening, I was able to crank the amplifier up to 11, and start to appreciate what’s on offer.

“Thunder” adds some Bob Marley styled reggae vocal vignettes liberally distributed amongst a slower thumping sequence.

“Colours” builds on the standard heavy drum and bass rhythms by overlaying keyboards that are pure Dave Greenfield from the Stranglers.

“Run With The Wolves” features the absurdly talented Dave Grohl knocking four bells of shite out his drum kit.

Not bad for a gang of likely lads from Braintree with a wheelbarrow full of attitude and a Rolf Harris Stylaphone on Steroids.