A Camp: Colonia

Nina Preston from Swedish Indie band, The Cardigans, presents her second helping of her A Camp side project.

I try not to write too many overtly negative album reviews, (unless I’m voicing my prejudices, for which I refuse to apologise), so I have been putting this review off for a few weeks while I continued to listen to the album in the hope of finding something nice to say. Alas, almost every time I listen to the album on the train, I end up nodding off to sleep and I’m still completely under-whelmed by it after 2 weeks.

The album is certainly well crafted and produced with soft dreamy vocals and a succession of highly competent and respected musicians including James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins) on guitar and Jane Scarpantino (Springsteen, REM), on cello. Alas it still fails to fluff my pigeon.

Other reviews have been rather gushing, but I’m afraid I find it as dull as an accountant with his own lion tamers hat.