Pet Shop Boys: Yes

I made the mistake of downloading the 2 disc special edition, and I’m struggling to get all the way through it. First track from the album, and indeed first single, is “Love etc”. It sounds rather like the background music to a game on the Commodore Amiga. But remember the Amiga did have a very impressive sound chip (I think she was called Paula). I guess I’m just not a Pet Shop Boys fan, that’s probably why I’m wittering on about the hardware architecture of early 90’s home computers rather than making an attempt to review the album.

Anyway, to get back on topic, I guess it sounds rather similar to their usual offerings, so I see no reason why it won’t appeal to their well established fan base. In order to say something positive I must congratulate them on learning to use all the special features on their obviously top of the range synthesisers. Still, despite the fact they’ve been around for almost a quarter of a century, I still prefer to distinguish programmers from musicians.

Yes I know it’s harsh, but having my own blog rather than being a professional reviewer, that’s my prerogative. If Mojo magazine want to employ me as a professional reviewer, I might put in a bit more effort for electronic tonk like this.


Hergest said...

I would call them "Electronic". They are Synth-pop.

"Electronic Music" or EM-music is the likes of Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, etc, which is a different league to Petshop Boys, Actually.

I don't like Petshop Boys much either. I find it surprising that you bought such an album!

Some of their previous albums weren't too bad, actually. Some of their "Disco" remix albums (less singing, more techno style synth-pop).

Also, a few years back they released an album "Battleship Potemkin", which was Classical.

Sometimes you're better off dead...

Hergest said...

Erm, I meant "wouldn't call their music Electronic", and that I like Electronic Music, not Synth-pop ;-)

Synth-pop - It's a sin.

Crispian Jago said...

Agreed. Synth-Pop is a better label, so I've changed it

Monster said...

Credability score now equal to UKs debit. Purlease dont waste internet bandwidth with such rubbish.

Mas said...

Great Review! Thank you!