Starsailor: All The Plans

Being inspired by Jeff Buckley’s “Grace” album and the energy and originality of that early 90’s Brit Pop sound is a good starting point for a bunch of young musician from Wigan. Their debut album of 2001 came out to much acclaim, but the enthusiasm of the music press seemed to wane somewhat for the second and third albums. Many suggest that this 4th album puts them back on track.

Three of the key tracks for me on this album are “The Thames”, “Stars and Stripes” and “Neon Sky”. “The Thames” in particular allows lead singer, James Walsh to live up to his moniker of “The Wigan Wailer”. While “Stars and Stripes” is another slower guitar led track with lyrics worthy of a little contemplation. “Neon Sky” is a grander affair with hints of the Verve.

Although it’s a perfectly decent album, this particular genre seems to be heavily saturated with numerous decent acts at the moment still riding Coldplay’s coat tails. Something a bit more special is required to make any band stand out from the vast pack of guitar and piano indie rock bands available, This album certainly makes Starsailor one of the front runners, but is it enough?

As much as I’m currently enjoying the album I suspect there’s not enough here to keep me coming back after the next batch of new releases arrive through the door.