Steve Wilson: Insurgents

I got heavily into Porcupine Tree in the mid 90’s after a good friend of mine at work lent me a copy of “The Sky Moves Sideways”. Thanks Phil. Anyway, we followed them around to a number of gigs around the South of England, as they were also a great live act. I recall on one occasion, I think it was at Reading, that we arrived early and met the band playing pool in the bar prior to the gig. Well, I say the band, it was in fact the band minus Steven Wilson, and I recall thinking at the time that he was perhaps being a bit more aloof than his band mates. So I guess it’s not too much of a surprise that he has now released his first official solo album.

The sound of “Insurgents” confirms what I suspected all along, while Wilson is the guitar, voice and song-smith for Porcupine Tree he’s also obviously the principal architect of their unique sound, as it is fully carries through to this solo project.

“Insurgents” is undoubtedly a must have album for all Porcupine Tree fan’s, but I think it deserves an even wider audience. The songs vary from the ambient aural landscapes to suddenly blistering and powerful full on rock. The early floydish psychedelic sound of those first Porcupine Tree albums is still in evidence. “No Twilight Within The Courts of the Sun” for example has solemn trippy sound punctuated at times by a jazzy piano or with intense thrashing.

A think Steven's misspent youth listening to “Dark side of the Moon” has paid its dividends. I’m thoroughly enjoying this album and highly recommend it.


Hergest said...

Hey, glad you like it. I've got it, but haven't given it a thorough bashing. Still slipped it in my favs from 2008 though.

You really should try Blackfield, if you haven't already. Steven Wilson teamed up with some popular Israeli pop dood. Really good!