Arctic Monkeys: Humbug

Admitedly a lot of pop culture passes me by unseen. However, even I couldn’t help notice the fanfare accompanying the release of the first two Arctic Monkeys albums. I was therefore fairly surprised when perusing the Amazon web site for some new audio delights, that there was in fact a third Arctic Monkeys album available that I was previously unaware of.

The distinctive thick bass and modern crisp and edgy guitars of Humbug’s brace of predesors are certainly still in evidence on this third offering, but it seems as though Alex Turner has also retained some of the suave 60’s sophistication of last year’s “Last Shadow Puppets” album.

I always enjoy a few good euphemisms in my lyrics, so I was of course delighted with album opener “My Propeller” which is basically a simple ode to Alex’s cock. The album lyrics in general though reflect the change in lifestyle that the success of the first two albums has afforded the band. The sharp working class humour has thankfully not been lost but reflects the circles that the band now move in.

So I’m not sure if there was less hype or if I jussed missed it, but either way the content is well worthwhile.

Try and seek out a copy with the Japanese bonus track, a nice cover of Nice Cave’s Red Right Hand.



MattJ said...

I've been considering buying this one, like the current single.

Have to disagree about the cover though, it's a good enough tune but - and I have to apologise for being such a pretentious arse - the thing that makes that song so amazing is the dark poetry of the lyrics and Cave's delivery, they lose all meaning in this cover and could just be any set of lyrics.