Porcupine Tree: The Incident

Following the Prog Rock path to success is a long old road these days. Porcupine Tree have indefatigably toiled away since the early 90’s producing a string of consistently good albums and have very gradually and slowly established a sizable fan base.

Although I pine slightly for their early albums of cheeky floydish psychedelia, the rockier and more seriousness of recent albums seems to be wining them through.

The incident builds once again on the success of its predecessor with lengthy compositions interspersed heavy riff-age, gentle acoustic strum-age, and (to continue to invent my own lexicon), delicate piano-age, with of course a healthy dose of moody aural soundscapes.


Hergest said...

Not my favorite Porcupine Tree album, but I still feel it deserves to be placed higher up the list than 39th.

I disagree that Prog Rock is a long road to success these days. In fact, it's become hip again, thanks to The Muse and other similar bands.

I found this release to be a bit of a let down initially, but after several plays, I started to find the guitar hooks that reel me in. It does take a bit of perseverance. It does have its moments of greatness, with slightly dull interlinking sections.