Wolfmother: Cosmic Egg

If like me, you respect the Sabbath, you may want to wrap your lugholes around the second studio offering from the Lupine Mater.

Like the early 70’s metallic giants they successfully ape, Wolfmother have already undergone a major line-up change, citing the classic "irreconcilable differences” for a reshuffle that simply retained guitarist and vocalist Andrew Stockdale.

As with the debut album, although the majority of the album sticks to an extremely plausible classic 70’s rock script, the game is given away by a couple of rouge contemporary tracks. Namely: “Far Away” which sails painfully close to a true rock fans most dreaded two words, power ballad. And the much better “Violence of the Sun” which is an excellent modern indie rock anthem akin to some of the latest Kasabian offerings.

These two songs aside, the rest of the album is pure unadulterated classic rock. For example “California Queen” has fast paced pounding verses before four slow snare beats hail in the heavy slow riffing and high vocal chorus where Stockdale takes on the roles of both Iommi and Osbourne concurrently.

The title track offers jerky Deep Purple riffs and more Sabbath Bloody Sabbath vocals. And why not check out the awesome “New Moon Rising” yourself. It's right here…

Super stuff. Ignore Mojo’s 3 paltry stars this is a 5 starrer.