Bauhaus: Go Away White

Bauhaus briefly reunited again for what will be their first album since 1983 and their last ever planned album. A new Bauhaus album has fortunately caused me to reassess some of their early material causing me to realise massive similarities between their debut single “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” and “Mysterious Exploding Frog”, the ill fated band in which I attempted to play bass (rather badly) in the mid 80’s. This new and final album is a little more sophisticated than these earlier recordings but retains the prominent simple bass hooks with disconnected fuzzy guitars. As the doom laden post punks bow out as the masters of the Goth Rock genre they pioneered my deepest fear is however for the future. Now that we have replaced John Peel, who heavily promoted Bauhaus’ emerging new material in the late ‘70’s, with the totally commercially focused Simon Cowell, will future generations of original musical visionaries be able to use the internet, or other modern tools, to break through the thick layer of crud defecated from Saturday Night TV “talent” shows.