Greydon Square: The Compton Effect

Greydon Square is a physics major, Iraq war veteran and evangelical atheist Hip Hop artist straight outa Compton. Despite naming checking Parliament, George Benson, Stevie Wonder, The Bee Gees ,The Police and Quincy Jones as his musical influences he appears (to my ears), to borrow heavily from Eminem and Dr Dre. However where Emenim’s subject material of sex and gangsters seems to have lost it edge and shockability, Greydon Square’s rational response takes over with his far more compelling and intelligent lyrics and worldview. It may not so unpalatable here in the predominately secular UK but it will be a red rag to a bull in the Bible belt of the Mid West. His content has however enabled him to build an impressive following of scientific thinkers, who would have ever thought that Richard Dawkins would listen to Hip Hop.