The Fireman: Electric Arguments

The fireman is the moniker that gives Sir Paul McCartney and his musical collaborator, Youth, a license for electronic experimentation without the risk of tarnishing his well earned solo reputation. “Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight” has the shattering guitars and vocals that he first introduced us to forty years ago on “Helter Skelter”. But like the White Album this track is not typical of the album as a whole. In fact the White Album analogies could be continued, “Two Magpies” is the gentle acoustic version of “Blackbird”. “Highway” is the rocking version of “Birthday” and “Light from your Lighthouse” has the cowboy blues echoes of “Rocky Racoon”. OK, enough with the White Album comparisons it’s not really in the same league, but it is the most interesting thing Macca’s has done for some time.