Neil Diamond: Home Before Dark

I’ve not listened to any Neil Diamond since I was a kid, I’d always regarded him as being of my parents generation and hadn’t really bothered with him, but The Beatles and The Stones are of my parent generation and I certainly wouldn’t apply the same logic to them. So I thought I’d best shelve my illogical prejudices and give this new piece of work an honest and fair appraisal. Initialling listening to the new Neil Diamond album seemed a little strange as the voice I remembered seems completely unchanged and evocative of my childhood. The Rick Rubin produced album features unhurried drum-less acoustic guitar and piano tunes, non more enchanting than “If I Don’t See You Again” at the top of the album. The album clearly exposes the great song writing skills of Diamond by not cluttering the great guitar and piano work with over produced orchestrations and harmonies. By entering the US Charts at No. 1 Neil Diamond becomes the oldest artist at the age of 67 to release a number 1 album, overtaking Bob Dylan’s 2005 “Modern Times”.