Grace Jones: Hurricane

I never really got into Grace Jones when I was younger and she was at the height of her fame, mainly I suspect because I was shit scared of her. She is a formidable and imposing woman who would put the willies up any chap, as Russell Harty found out to his cost. I therefore found it interesting to read a recent in-depth article in Mojo that attempted to see the Grace Jones behind the dominant and daunting veneer. This armed me with sufficient interest to check out her latest offering. First off the starting blocks is “This is Life” with its tribal rhythms and, over exaggerated black accented rapping. This is followed by “William’s Blood” which is a more subdued affair with softer vocals and disco beats and concludes with a rendition of Amazing Grace, quite apt. Next up is “Corporate Cannibal”, which completely reinforces her well crafted image with its refrain of “I’m a man eating machine” overlaid on some great modern rolling slow dance beats, gnashing guitar solo and a reference to “Slave to the Rhythm”. Well that’s covered the first 3 of 9, but it’s certainly worth continuing to listen to the end.