AC/DC: Black Ice

A new album of fresh original material from the quintessential Aussie rockers (Augmented of course with a Geordie) is a rare and cherished event these days. “Rock N’ Roll Train” kicks the album off with a lone guitar riff followed by a brief pause in which you just know that the first snare beat is coming. DC haven’t attempted anything outside of their well perfected comfort zone, no need for fancy orchestration, harmonies, backing vocals etc. In fact all that’s required is 2 guitars, bass, drums, gruff vocals and 30+ years of perfecting simple hard rock ‘n roll. One of the less pleasing tracks however is “Anything Goes” which despite a nice guitar solo has a bit of a nasty Bruce Springsteen after taste, but their quickly back on track with “War Machine” with its typical AC/DC primitive fast paced hammering bass. Other highlights include “Decibel” which could have slipped unnoticed into the “Back in Black” set list, “She Likes Rock ‘N Roll” which must surely be a homage to Joan Jett and the bluesy “Stormy May Day”. My only real criticism is that they haven’t included any of they’re usual sexual innuendos or crude references, come on lads, surely you could manage a simple nob gag. Still I’m very much looking forward to seeing them at the 02 next year.


FSM_Ed said...

I suspect Wal-Mart is to blame for AC/DC cleaning up their lyrics. Their songs used to be about fighting, fornicating and drinking. Things that a teenager would be interested in! I think Wal-mart couldn't market their album as heavily as they did if it had raunchier lyrics.